Beard Transplantation

More and more men every day want to perfect their appearance and the ideal way to do it is the dense and tidy beard.

Nevertheless, a large proportion of the male population is suffering from sparse beard problems. This is usually due to the irregular growth of beard which entails the existence of blank spots and spots in which the hair appears diluted.

Although some men turn to shave daily to cover the given problem, the majority of men are not satisfied with this solution and want a dense and attractive beard. With the method of beard transplants, every man can now realize his dream without unsightly scars!

  • Perfect look
  • Fill in spaces
  • Complete remodeling

Sustainable development of a single beard

Hairclinic’s medical team specializes in all types of hair transplantation, including hair follicle transplantation in the facial area.

The basic procedure followed as well as the results of the treatment are similar for all hair cuttings.

Dense Beard with 4 Simple Steps:

Μεταμόσχευση Γενιών

1) Donor Area Determination

The doctor outlines the donor area from which the grafts will be taken. Usually, the neck area is selected because it is rich in hair and has no predisposition for thinning.

2) Removal of hair follicles

Local anesthesia is applied to the selected area and then the hair follicles are removed by a special device.

3) Implant area design

The doctor is planning the area where generations will be implanted.

4) Implantation of grafts

Removed grafts are placed in the affected area without scarring.

After completion of treatment, the results are spectacular and patients benefit from a permanent increase in their beard.

Beard transplantation is a very demanding process and requires a lot of experience. At Athens Hair Clinic our medical team is characterized by years of experience and the expertise of our staff guarantees a completely successful and effective treatment!

Beard transplant challenges

First, doctors can only use very thin hairs that are suitable for transplantation in the facial area. In addition, the hair follicles to be selected must be strong enough to be suitable for placement in the beard area, something that our team pays special attention to..

Finally, due to the sensitivity of the area, it is important that the openings that will be created are extremely thin and superficial. Therefore, a beard transplant requires even greater accuracy than a hair transplant.

As with hair transplantation, in beard transplantation, the direction of hair growth must be strictly adhered to in order to achieve a perfect result.

It should be noted that the beard restoration process can be achieved even in only two sessions.

Μεταμόσχευση μούσια

Consult the experts

The quality of bearded grafts is a special and different process. At Perfect Hair Clinic, anyone interested can rely on a transplant that meets the highest standards.

The treatment is performed in our clinic in Athens 28th October Avenue ( Patision) 67. Dr. Fotis Tsounis and his team count decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge that guarantee impeccable results.

You can contact us and ask for any advice before making your decision.

Our team is always at your disposal!

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