Hair Transplantation

One of the most common causes of alopecia is heredity, caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

However, there are many other factors that can lead to hair loss, some of which are aging, anxiety, hormonal changes, exhaustive diets, use of chemicals, atmospheric pollution and intense medication.

Above all, scalp density reduction affects young men, which leads to the characteristic submissive hairline and gradually generates head dilutions that intensify through time, meaning, there is no hair at specific points of the head (creating baldness). In men, it is also possible this phenomenon to happen in the face, often by causing a significant decrease in the density of their beard.

Women are more likely to suffer from diffuse hair loss (thin hair) without however having full hair loss. An important factor in hair loss in women is the constant “hair care” which often hurts the hair.

Although the reasons for alopecia may differ, treatment with hair transplants (or hair implantation) is possible and with the experience of the Hairclinic Athens team, patients have definite results.

Nowadays the hair implantation techniques that have been established are:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or Hair Implant Strip Technique.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or Individual Hair Follicles Transfer Implantation

Hair Transplant (FUE)

Hair Line Design

Once the needs and aesthetic preferences of the individual patient are assessed and analyzed, the corresponding hair line is drawn to the head..

Collection of individual hair follicles

After the hair line design, we carefully continue with extraction and collection of hair follicles from the donor area, usually the back of the head, without creating a permanent scar..

Hair follicles placement

Finally, the implants are implanted with precision of a millimeter in the previously labeled areas until the entire surface is filled as densely as possible. This is a painless and less invasive process.


Why do Hair Transplantation?

It is a fact that hair loss can significantly reduce the patient’s quality of life.

The external appearance of individuals is directly related to their psychology.

Many people do not want to accept hair loss and related aesthetic effects.

It is not unusual for patients to suffer emotionally for many years, which can even lead to depression, especially when hair loss begins in an early age.

A professional hair transplantation provides a reliable treatment while increasing the patient’s quality of life by improving its appearance and contributing to restoring self-confidence.
Hairclinic Athens team emphasize on the importance of the right planning and correct application of the treatment.

Our goal is the perfect result, which is why we ensure that both the density of the hair follicle implantation and the hairline design will give an aesthetically perfect and harmonious overall result.

The outcomes of the treatment are permanent and absolutely natural as long as lancet is not used. So our patients enjoy their improved look without any sign of treatment.

It is important to emphasize that even one single session, offers a significant hair density and recovery is rapid.

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