Brow Transplantation

Eyebrows are known to be one of the most determining features of an individual’s appearance since they define his / her physiognomy with his / her eyes.

It is important for someone’s psychology to feel free to express themselves, and eyebrows are a key factor in the expression of the person. For this reason, in our clinic, we pay special attention to eyebrow transplantation.

  • Perfect look for both man and woman.
  • Eyebrow shape remodeling.
  • Full brow,natural result
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Reasons for eyebrow thinning

Eyebrow transplantation is aimed at both men and women who want to improve their appearance.

The reasons for thinning the eyebrows may vary, but particularly in women, they may rely on excessive eyebrow removal or the harmful effects of makeup. Inheritance is also an eyebrow alopecia factor.

The appearance of eyebrows can be affected in a number of ways, some of which are:

  • Very thin hairs in the eyebrow area give a sense of weakness..
  • The growth of eyebrows may be irregular by creating blank spots.
  • Short eyebrows are also responsible for an unpleasant visual appearance.

Eyebrow recovery

It is a fact that many tend to turn to simple eyebrow repair techniques such as eyebrow pencil and tattoo.

The problem however is, that both pencil and tattoo techniques are significantly inferior. Simple techniques, unlike a transplant by experts, do not give volume to the eyebrow and do not substitute it’s exact color. There is no natural result at all. On the contrary, eyebrow transplantation offers a completely natural and permanent effect, fully restores the volume to the eyebrow and the hair is the same as it used to exist.

At Hair Clinic Athens we use the most proven and innovative methods of eyebrow transplantation.

The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Physicians receive the appropriate hair cuttings from the back of the head because the hair located there is suitable for transplants of any kind.
  2. Then, and after the grafts are checked, the doctor places the cuttings at the corresponding points above the eye, which have been previously prepared. The method used for transplantation is called FUE and refers to Single Chunnel Transplant Implantation
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Consult the experts

The quality of eyebrow transplantation depends to a large extent on the ability of the doctor who performs it. At Perfect Hair Clinic, any interested person can rely on a transplant that meets the highest standards.

The treatment is performed in our clinic in Athens 28th October Avenue 67 , ( Patision).

Dr. Fotis Tsounis and his team count decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge that guarantee impeccable results.

You can contact us and ask for any advice before making your decision.
Our team is always at your disposal!

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