Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most common therapies for alopecia, during which individual hair follicles are removed.

This modern treatment does not require a lance or stitches and as a result you avoid scarring and swelling. Most importantly… it is painless!

Why choose FUE treatment?

Hair transplantation with precision

It is a method characterized by great accuracy as doctors remove the grafts separately.
Small groups of hair roots, are transplanted by Hair Clinic Athens specialists to the affected areas.

Harvesting without a scalpel

An important advantage compared to the FUT method is that, usually, no cuts are usually required which have the potential to leave minor scarring. Thanks to FUE technology, individual pockets are manually filled with microscopic needles. Therefore, only very small traces are created on the scalp, which are barely (or at all) visible to the naked eye and disappear soon after.

Painless hair follicles collection

Administering local anesthesia by our specialists, guarantees a completely painless treatment.

Immediate recovery of patients

Unlike other techniques, the FUE technique does not require stitches which results in the immediate return of the cured patients to their daily activities

How is FUE treated?

Hair Line Design

Once the needs and aesthetic preferences of the individual patient are assessed and analyzed, the corresponding hair line is drawn on the head.

Collection of individual hair follicles

After the hair line design, we carefully continue with extraction and collection of hair follicles from the donor area, usually the back of the head, without creating a permanent scar.

Hair follicles placement

Finally, the implants are implanted with precision of a millimeter in the previously labeled areas until the entire surface is filled as densely as possible.

Consult the experts

As with other treatments, with FUT, anyone interested can rely on a transplant that meets the highest standards in Hair Clinic Athens. The treatment is performed in our clinic in Athens (28th October Avenue, 67 – Patision).

Dr. Fotis Tsounis and his team count decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge that guarantee impeccable results. You can contact us and ask for any advice before making your decision.
Our team is always at your disposal!

Note that any initial discussion is not binding. Our experts will be happy to explain the transplantation process through the Strip Method in detail and to suggest alternative ways, if you wish.

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