Frequently asked questions

YES! HAIRCLINIC ATHENS handles only cases that can be actually implement and patients who have realized exactly what is going to happen. For many years we have “built” our name on the market, with professionalism and dignity, without exaggerations and unnecessary words.

Our doctors are considered among the best in the world and have successfully handled over 20,000 cases. Friends introduce us to new friends so you are also a friend. We will be glad to see you enjoy your hair for the rest of your life!

If you just had sparse hair, no one would understand that you had a transplant. There will be irritation of the skin for two to four days, but it will soon recede. The only thing that will stay forever in your head will be just your new hair !!!

Many ask this question due to the various ads that are disorienting. However, no hair loss case is the same as the other. The sole and responsible person who will decide which technique will be applied, is the medical practitioner who will examine the patient. There is no proper transplant technique that is the same-common to everyone!

Many times, combinations of methods are followed to provide the best aesthetic result. Talk to the treating physician, who will explain in detail the advantages and limitations of the different methods. Together, we will decide what is the best technique for you.

This depends on the technique that will be followed by the attending physician. If it’s the typical and tested stripping method, then we may have spectacular results even in one session. But this depends on how thin the hair is or how bare the area of ​​your head is.

Not at all, in fact you are likely to get bored while sitting. Most patients watch movies or listen to music. Others discuss the whole procedure with the medical team, and others fall asleep.

The basic requirement is (the whole process) to be done by an experienced, specialized medical team. Local anesthesia is provided and hair follicles are then removed from the back of the head. Then the treating therapist creates the receptors in which the new hair is placed, that will begin to grow within a few weeks after surgery, and will never fall out again!

Unfortunately, no. There are cases of hair loss, which for various reasons do not respond to this treatment. However, the one who will judge which case is suitable for transplantation, is the sole practitioner. The selection of candidates should be done on a scientific rather than a commercial basis.

You will need to follow a loose work schedule for the next couple of days. However, you can work on the same day of transplantation, as long as your job is not handiwork. You can wash your hair without fear and limitations in the next few days.

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