Robotic hair restoration: An innovative technology from the United States.

At Hairclinic Athens we also offer hair transplantation with the help of the high-tech ARTAS hair robot.

Minimally invasive robotic hair restoration is an advanced hair transplantation technology that is characterized by high technology and is available exclusively through the ARTAS robotic process. The latest ARTAS Artificial Intelligence ™ algorithms filter the healthiest donor hairs, ideal for harvesting, while maintaining the appearance of your donor area, all under the control of our experienced staff.

Advantages of robotic hair restoration

In our clinic we offer three different methods of hair restoration regardless of where the transplant will take place.

So if you want a hair transplant or brows transplant or even a beard transplant, Hairclinic Athens offers, among other things, the most advanced treatment through robotic rehabilitation, a method that is considered the most modern in the world.

ARTAS technology delivers up to 92% of your most vital hair through mathematical precision calculations, offering guaranteed results!
It is true that the treatment time with the use of robotic technology is reduced by 30-50%. In addition, it is a minimally invasive, painless and complicated treatment that only requires some minimal incisions. The number of grafts being exported (hair follicles) is calculated by the computer and documented in the ARTAS certificate.

Minimum Invasive Method

Since no slots are needed, only minimal incisions.

Totally painless method

Eliminate fear of secondary problems such as inflammation or similar conditions.

Accuracy and reliability

The ARTAS robot counts automatically all removed grafts and records their total number. Thus, each patient knows exactly to what extent the hair has been transplanted.

Strong grafts

With the use of robotic technology, powerful grafts are provided which means that even the thousandth graft is of the same quality as the first graft.

Maximum security

It is a fact that robots never get tired. This eliminates the possibility of human error associated with harvesting during manual procedures. Thus, stable graft quality is provided throughout the process.

Immediate restoration

Direct rehabilitation allows patients to return quickly to work and daily activities.

Consult the experts

As with other therapies, so with regard to ARTAS ROBOT, any interested person can rely on a transplant that meets the highest standards in Hair Clinic Athens. The treatment is performed in our clinic in Athens 28th October Avenue (Patision) 67.

Dr. Fotis Tsounis and his team count decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge that guarantee impeccable results. You can contact us and ask for any advice before making your decision.
Our team is always at your disposal!

Note that any initial discussion is not binding. Our experts will be happy to explain in detail the transplantation process through the ARTAS robotic restoration and to suggest alternative ways, if you wish.

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