Early 90s, we launched the idea of High End Medical Hair Restoration in the field of transplants with reliable,long lasting and natural results.
For years, Dr. Fotis Tsounis, is one of the most experienced surgeons in ROBOTIC F.U.E. & FUT (Strip) among the leading hair transplant surgeons, having conducted over 16,000 processes worldwide to this date.

He has worked across Europe and has provided many transplants to high-profile patients.

Dr. Fotis Tsounis now applies the most advanced form of ROBOTIC F.U.E. & FUT (Strip) for natural results for his patients.

He also applies hair restoration to the face (including beard, mustache, eyebrows), and is able to perform some special hair transplants using hair from various body parts.

Boziaca Maria, the director of the Center, counting more than 19 years of experience has been involved in thousands of FUE hair restoration procedures all over Europe and has attended several international conferences.

Dr. Φώτης Τσούνης
Dr. Fotis Tsounis
Manager of clinic Mpoziaka Maria
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