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Dear Friends

 We are pleased to welcome the new and completely updated our website.

Through our pages you can learn about topics related to hair loss and baldness as well as the newer sophisticated methods to tackle the problem nowadays.

Our presence in Greece over the past 20 years has helped a significant number of our fellow human beings to overcome the unpleasant effects of hair loss.

The steady and successful course allowed us to create branches in the capitals of other EU states making “HAIR CLINIC ATHENS”, one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Europe.

Having the necessary scientific knowledge and utilizing our experience, we are able to provide the best possible options in the treatment of baldness. The expertise that that we have and the contribution of newer technological capabilities and methods (Robotic F.U.E.) that we use, allows us to have the best possible result.

To our modern clinics, our skilled professional staff can provide you:

Individualized approach and assessment.

Sincere and workable proposal to address the problem

Evaluate the potential of each incident to the aesthetic result is pleasing.

Respect for the personality, privacy, intimate, friendly and pleasant environment

The satisfaction of your needs and your requirements are our main concern. They are the purpose and object of our services.

Visit us and make a gift to yourself!.


Sincerely yours,


Fotis Tsounis

Surgeon - CEO