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Is it sure that this procedure will be successful for my hair?

YES! Because the hairclinic attends only the MUST cases and those who have comprehended exactly what it is that they are going to do. For many years we are constructing our valid name in the market using information, severity and dignity and without exaggerations. Our doctors are considered to be among the best all over the world and they have successfully operated over 20.000 cases. Friends recommend new friends and for us you are also considered as a friend whom we will be glad to see that you enjoy your hair for the rest of your life!


How will be my head look like?

If you only had thin hair, no-one will understand that you had a hair-transplantation. It will be a two to four days skin irritation that this will definitely go away very soon! The one and only thing which will stay forever on your head, is your new hair only!!!!


When will it be possible for me to start my work again?

You will definitely need a loose schedule without extreme fatigue for a day or two. However, you can go to work the same day as long as no manual work is demanded. You can wash your hair with no fear or limitations coming days.


Which technique is considered the best?

There are many who ask that question enticed by various misleading commercials. However no case of hair loses is the same so he who will judge which technique will be implemented must be only the physician in charge who will examine the patient


There is not an appropriate technique that is the same for everybody!

Combinations of methods are followed many times in one case, for a better cosmetic result. Discuss over this with the physician. He will explain to you all the benefits and the limitations, with every little detail, and you will be able to decide together which technique is the best for you.


How many visits will i need?

That depends on the technique that the physician will follow. If it concerns the classic tested removing method (strip), then we will have spectacular results even in one and only session. But it also depends on the length of the thin or naked area of your head.


Does the procedure induce pain? Not at all?

To the contrary, you will probably get bored by sitting. Most of the patients watch their favourite DVD or listen to music. Others discuss about the whole procedure of the operation with the medical team and others just take a nap!


Which is the procedure of the hair-transplantation

A basic requirement is to be implemented by an experienced and specialized medical team. Local anaesthesia is made just like in a dentist and then the expected hair-follicles are removed from the back side of the head. Then the physician creates the receptors in which the new hair will be placed inside and will start to grow within a few weeks after the operation and they will never fall again!


Is the hair-transplantation a solution for everybody?

Unfortunately, no. There are cases of baldness which for several reasons don’t apply to this treatment. The one who will judge which case is considered appropriate must be only the physician in charge, and the candidates choice must be made with scientific and not with commercial criteria’s.