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Continuous Update on new techniques and methods


Our knowledge concerning the ways of dealing with hair loss and general issues relating to the scalp is constantly evolving. The opportunities provided by our technologies are changing rapidly, presenting our ever better solutions. On the evolution of hair transplantation methods have led to excellent aesthetic results. The team of "HAIR CLINIC ATHENS" monitor developments closely and constantly updated, so always be able to suggest the best and most complete solution to the problems of our patients. Watch all about conferences, made around the world to have direct knowledge of the developments in our field.


In the next lines shows the conferences that have been implemented in recent decades and in which we attend

 - 45o International Congress of Plastic Surgery (12 to 17 July 1996, Perugia)

 - "What's New in Plastic Surgery" (November 1996, Athens)

 - 20o Panhellenic Congress of Surgery (3-7 November 1996, Athens)

 - 14th Conference of International Society of Plastic Surgery (May 31 - June 3, 1997, Brazil)

 - 8th European Congress of Plastic Surgery IPRAS (June 1997, Portugal)

 - 3rd National Congress of Plastic Surgery -Epanorthotikis & Aesthetic Surgery (6-8 November 1997, Athens)

 - 19th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine (3-5 April 1998, Rome)

 - European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (2001, Rome)

 - XVI National Congress Society of Dermatologic Surgery (May 2001)

 - 10th Annual Congress and Live Surgery Workshop (May 2007, ESHRS, Paris)

 - 11th Annual Congress and Live Surgery Workshop (29-31 May & 1 June 2008, ESHRS, Madrid)

 - 16th Annual Meeting (3-7 September 2008, ISHRS, Montreal)

 - 17th Annual Meeting (22-26 July 2009, ISHRS, Amsterdam)

 - 18th Annual Meeting (19-24 October 2010, ISHRS, Boston)